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Now Replicate Your Favorite Star Wars Sith or Jedi Lightsaber!!

light saber

RGB Lightsaber -
Suitable For Heavy Dueling

  • Materials: Hilt made by Frosted Aluminium alloy. Blade made by Light Diffusion PC
  • Size: Handle 27cm, blade 78cm,total length 100cm
  • Handle color: Silver, Gun, Black, Gold, Bule, Red
  • Color of blade: thousands of color Changing and 12 color change

Why Our Saber is the best

There are regular replica lightsabers and then there’s our Heavy-Dueling RGB Lightsaber!


1000+ Color blades all at a button

The blade itself can emit light in the thousands of colors that make up the entire RGB spectrum. This allows you to mimic the blades of your favorite Jedi Master or Sith Lord all at the press of a button.


1200mAh battery

Each lightsaber comes with a 1200mAh battery that can be charged via USB with the included cable.

30 inch

30 inch Blade

10.6 inch Handle, 30 inch Blade, total 40 inch, this saber is not a toy size. You can also wrapp a winding belt around the hilt of the saber to give it a realistic look while also improving your grip during those long, sweaty dueling sessions.


Darth Maul fans favorite

The Darth Maul fans there can get two and link them together by our hilts connector to make a double blade lightsaber. Pretty cool!


Metal Hilt

The hilt is made from a frosted aluminum alloy, enhancing its durability, and making it suitable for actual dueling rather than keeping it just as a collector’s item.


mimic the sound from the movie

The RGB lightsaber also produces sound effects that mimic the sound design of the ones from the movie whenever it comes in contact with a surface. You can also modify the sound produced and change the volume.

saber connector

Creating a
Double-blade Saber!

You can choose to buy our hilt connector at check out page to make a double-blade lightsaber.

Simply screw each blade’s hilt into the connector will be fine, very easy!

What are you
waiting for?

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Customers reviews

Came in a very thick tube so it was well protected. Easy to assemble. The lights and sounds work great and I'm really happy with this purchase. I battled with my six year old for a bit and was worried at first because hes ROUGH. Hes a self proclaimed "dark side" fighter so I knew he was the perfect tester and it held up fantastic. Im sure this could really take a beating.
Chris W.
Chris W.
I love this lightsaber! It has a ton of colors and sounds you can choose and makes a cool sounds when it moves. It’s very lightweight and super bright. You can click a button when you “hit” something to get the cracking sound.It comes with a USB charging cable and the battery lasts a long time!This would make an excellent gift for any fan!
This is exactly as I'd hoped -- great for the young and the young-at-heart. Easy to charge and easy to put together. This lightsabre appears life-sized. Attach the light tube to the handle using the included tiny bolts (over a safe area so you don't lose them). The included allen wrench/hex key does more than just tighten the bolts, it helps you hold them in place, since they are so tiny. This lightsabre has multiple settings -- its lighting and sound effects are incredibly good! You'll have fun trying out all the features.May the Force be with you!Cons: none. C'mon -- it's a lightsabre!
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